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This guy right here. We at Team Goodtimes could not, nor would we even want to do what we do without him. Always willing, always wanting, always ready to kick some ass in the name of a sweet party. Not only is Secret Steve Smith the 2017 Tank Goodtimes MVP, but the first inductee into the @team_goodtimes Hall of Fame. This picture taken by the bobarazzi summarizes him at his very essence, living his dope life, doing dope stuff. We love you so much Steve, thank you for all that you do.

📷: Bob Sokol






📸: Anne Rowland

📸: Anne Rowland

Some 20 plus 10 plus another 1 or 3 couple of years ago, a young, wild, and experimental Dave and Anne Rowland thought it would be fun to shotgun a vile of precious unicorn tears before a date. Thankfully for us the mixture of lone star, magic, and light created a call in the cosmic talent flow of the universe, and when the answer came forth a star was born. 

When not touring the country as the voice of The Deer, or traveling the world as an internationally exhibited paper cut and stained glass visual artist, Grace Rowland Park is prolly doing something else equally as badass, because that is what she does everyday, all day long, for as long as we have had the pleasure of knowing her. First known to us for the angelic vocals of The Blue Hit, Grace Rowland Park has played every single Goodtimes installation the Team has ever had going back over 10 years now, and has designed several of our custom Tim the Armadillo prints along the way. It is with great honor we announce Grace Rowland Park as this years UTOPiAfest Team Goodtimes #Goodtimesgrove 2018 MVP. 

Thank you for everything you do for us and for being you Grace. 



mvp for osmf 2018 • corey oreo

When not helping to keep wild party deer hydrated, Corey Oreo helps us do what we do in a million different ways.

Tireless, dedicated, cheerful, professional, capable, and about as many other amazing qualities as she has colors in her amazing hair. Corey is willing to say yes to damn near anything, always the first in and the last out. She is a huge part of the motivation that keeps the team going and we are so thankful to have her around.



MVP for OSMF 2017 •  Mike Bates

The real deal Jacket King, Mike Bates is the man, would do anything for anyone, always has, and always will. 

When not spending time loving on his beautiful wife Dawn or enjoying heady tunes, Mike keeps it super real with this awesome snake mug. 

Thank for always keeping the sweet Party alive Mike Bates. We love you.




Known for her amazing smile, sexy eyes, hilarious sense of humor, hustler/huntress skills, Italian rap video modeling career, infectious laugh, the sweet sounds of Brenna Manzare Music, and the awesome The Funky Skunk creations she hand makes, Brenna is all around wonderful. It is with great honor we announce Brenna Manzare as Team Goodtimes MVP of 2016


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MVP FOR OSMF 2015, 2012, 2011 • dennis ludiker


When not spending time as a loving father to new baby Mason, or husband to wife Heidi LudikerDennis Lloyd Ludiker AKA "lil Deniel" plays a lot of video games, and we mean a lot. When he is not doing that he is making awesome music, because he is awesome. Known for his funny facial expressions, translucent skin, and larger than his head belt buckels for accomplishments such as Rockygrass Winner on Mondolin, Winfield Fiddle Champion, three time Texas Fiddle Frolics Champion, and two time Camp Goodtimes MVP. Dennis plays with the super heady Jazzgrass bandMilkDrive. He is also the Frontman/ soul founder of the new Alt. Vamp Band "Bubbletummy." This musical freak of nature can be seen sitting in with such notable acts as The Deer, Hendrikz McLeod,Green Mountain Grass, New Green Mountain Grass, Ray Benson & Asleep at the Wheel, and many more. Despite this years MVP contest having been rigged by Cody to be won by the lovely and talented Grace Park, Dennis still found a way to go above and beyond, conquering the hearts and minds of those on the board that get a vote, thus securing his third title as Team Goodtimes MVP of 2015.




When not melting our faces off, or spending time with his new lovely young bride Christina Hurt Smith, Lil Treaure enjoys video games, tattoos, kicking ass, and grilling pizza. He can be found keeping it heady on banjo and guitar in such notable acts as Green Mountain Grass , The Bluegrass Outfit, Grace Park & The Deer, Mastadon Juan, and of course the amazing Wood & Wire. He loves his wife and bluegrass music, and we love Trevor Smith.

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When not dating hot women, Jesse Sioux enjoys archaeology, native american studies, song writing, and spending time with his wolf dog Quinn. He can be found keeping it funky on bass and guitar in such notable acts as Green Mountain Grass, The Bluegrass Outfit, Hendrikz McLeod, Grace Park & The Deer, The Love Leighs, Mastadon Juan, Billy Bright Trio, The Bottom Dollar String Band, and Rational Panther. He loves his mother, and we love Jesse Dalton.